Software solutions and systems are becoming more and more complex and advanced. To ensure the success of your business with the help of the most efficient and up-to-date tools, we will take it upon ourselves to handle all of the IT-related tasks.

Almic has been providing IT services for over 15 years, so you can be sure that your project implementation and problem solving will be handled by a team of high-skilled professionals.

An individual approach to each client allows us to find an optimal solution that is the most efficient and fully meets customer needs and requirements. 

Key services offered
Software development
We design and develop websites, online stores and information systems, including CRM, ERP, accounting and workflow systems, warehouse management and self-service systems, billing and online booking systems. We offer a full range of services for the development, implementation, and support of IT projects.
Hardware solutions
We develop software and hardware solutions for industrial automation, including optical measurement systems for dimensions and volume, automatic vehicle weighing systems, license plate recognition, remote sensor and meter reading (including integration with Elering AVP), access control systems and IP surveillance systems.
Hosting and server-related services
Dedicated and virtual private servers (VPS), Windows terminal server, Remote Desktop (RDC), Microsoft Exchange email solutions, Office 365 business solutions, ownCloud (cloud drive), web hosting and information system hosting, as well as server administration and maintenance.
IT support and maintenance
Technical support and complete IT infrastructure maintenance for companies. Day-to-day tasks; workstation, computer, server and network device maintenance. Backup and data archiving, antivirus solutions and firewalls.
X-road server (X-tee server) and e-services
X-road server services and assistance connecting to the X-road platform. X-road service development and integration with state registries and various subsystems: SADHES, EMCS, MAIS, ADEK, HAMPI, and EHMA. Electronic data interchange with Estonian Tax and Customs Board, Estonian Health Insurance Fund, Population register, Estonian Road Administration and Business Register.
We are an accredited domain name registrar with more than  20 000 domains under our control. Over 200 domain extensions are available for registration with a comfortable domain control panel to manage your domains. DNSSEC is also supported.