X-road security server

X-teeThe X-road (X-tee) platform provides a versatile and secure way for data exchange between different systems. Platform members can request data from other systems or act as service providers, offering access to their services and data to other members.

The key features of the X-road platform are its high reliability and multi-level security:
  • Access to the platform is restricted to accredited participants and is provided through the X-tee security servers. 
  • Data encryption and digital signature ensure data security and integrity when information is exchanged between systems.
  • The system participants define and establish the right of access to their subsystems and data.

Almic OÜ offers X-road server services, integration of client systems with the X-road platform and development of solutions for automation of enterprise operation with state systems and registers. 

Our services and solutions are successfully used by the largest casinos in Estonia and the Baltic States, medical institutions (including dental offices and private clinics), governmental and state institutions, logistics companies and manufacturers of excisable goods.

Integration and development of X-road solutions

X-tee is the preferred way to interact with government systems and registers. Our specialists have a long-term experience in the development and integration of solutions with various governmental systems, including:
  • EHMA and HAMPI information systems
    Electronic reporting of gambling and register of persons subject to restrictions on gambling (HAMPI blacklist)
  • Complex (xteeTolliOperatsioon) information systems
    Systems of exchange and processing of tax declarations
  • SADHES, EMCS and ADEK information systems
    National and European electronic systems for the management and exchange of electronic delivery notes and accompanying administrative documents of excisable goods
  • MAIS information system
    The electronic system for the management of the revenue stamped alcohol and tobacco 
  • Other systems and registers, including the Tax and Customs Board department, the Population Register (RR), the Social Insurance Board, the Health Board, the Environmental Board, the Estonian Land Board and the Road Administration.

X - Road security server hosting prices

X-Road offers different environments for development (ee-dev), testing (ee-test) and production (EE).
  • Production environment (EE)                   80 € / month
  • Test environment (ee-test)                       25 € / month
  • Development environment (ee-dev)       25 € / month

* The prices do not include VAT