Software development

Almic specializes in the development of IT solutions of various size, complexity and purpose. We have successfully implemented hundreds of IT projects for both private companies and state institutions. 

We develop web solutions, including websites and e-commerce solutions, CRM, ERP, information systems, self-service portals, accounting, booking, and workflow systems, as well as other non-standard hardware and software solutions. 

Our experience and team of highly skilled developers allow us to successfully implement projects of any complexity and purpose. 

In terms of project management, we have full transparency with our clients, allowing them to supervise and take part in the development process.

We use .NET, C++, C#, PHP with MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL. 


Website development and maintenance. Websites, corporate pages, landing pages and promotional websites.

Online stores and product catalogs

E-commerce solutions: online stores, product catalogs, price comparison websites etc.

Information and self-service systems

Development and implementation of various CRM and ERP systems, accounting and workflow systems, registers, databases, intranet portals and self-service systems.

Online booking and check-in

Booking systems, online ticket booking and purchase, online check-in. 

Payment processing and authorization

Integrating projects with payment solutions: credit card payments, payments via bank (pangalink), Maksekeskus, Paypal, Stripe, and other payment systems. User authentication with ID-card, Mobiil-ID (Mobile-ID), Smart-ID and via bank link (pangalink).

Warehousing and logistics

Warehouse accounting, customs integration, freight transportation solutions, solutions for door-to-door services, GPS tracking for cargo and vehicles.

Integration with external systems

Interaction and integration of projects with payment gateways, government IT systems, accounting software, SAF, SAP, X-tee, Books, Deskis, Merit, Taavi, Elvis, EHIS,, etc.

Manufacturing and automation

Optical systems for dimensions and volume measurement, automatic weighing systems, license plate recognition, boom barrier remote control system, automatic meter reading (including integration with Elering AVP), video surveillance systems, and access control systems.

X-tee solutions

Development of X-tee solutions and interaction with state registries, including the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, Estonian Tax and Customs Board and population register. Reporting and integration with SADHES, EMCS, MAIS, ADEK, HAMPI, EHMA and other information systems.