Automatic meter reading

We offer a software solution for reading electricity, water, gas and heat meters. The system allows you to make the resources accounting fully automatic and can be integrated with customer systems. 


  • Automatic registration of meter readings with the required frequency (with certain intervals or events)
  • Ability to register current and incremental values, load profiles, tariffs, events and other types of data.
  • Visualization of data on the web portal with the possibility to export data
  • API for interaction with the system and integration with customer systems
  • Data transfer to Elering databank (AVP)

Supported Devices

The system supports a wide range of meters offered by popular meters manufacturers, including Itron/Actaris (ACE6000, ACE SL7000, etc.), Iskraemeco (MT174, MT880, AM550, etc.), Elgama-Elektronika (GAMA100, GAMA300, EPQS, etc), Siemens, Kamstrup, ADD Grup, Landis + Gyr, Accuenergy and others.

Supported protocols and device types:
  • ModBus TCP/IP; RTU; serial (RS-232 / RS-485)
  • Data concentrators and gateways
  • Devices using power lines (PLC) for data transmission
  • Devices with pulse output
  • Devices operating based on LoRaWAN and SigFox networks

The system is being actively developed and can be expanded to support other types of devices and protocols.

Data exchange with Elering (AVP)

The system ensures automatic transmission of meter readings to the Elering data hub (AVP). It is also possible to request data from the data hub to display it in the system and generate reports.